Oct 242013

movie: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me [1999]
song: American WomanLenny Kravitz

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  1. · OMG, these look fantastic! I got some POM from them a while back, but haven’t yet made anything w/ them! i’ve been wanting to try these, but haven’t cuz i was a tinsy bit scared. I know, silly right? well, they look good and now that i know you love them, maybe I can be a little less fearful and make them already!!!!

  2. Oh Ellie…u rock….fantastic cookies gurl….and beautiful pic too!!!!Other wanted to ask ya whether ur game for an award….am making a list to pass it on too and will put up the post in a bit so please do lemmme know if yeah coz id so love to give ya one,if ur game ie….Que Magnifigue este…bravo!!!!Oh yeah….LOVE IS IN THE AIR….SO IS ROMANCE N WISHING YA ALL LOADS N LOADS OF IT @ 365

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